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Indian Spices
Flavour first boutique hot sauces made in Barry, Wales

-   ABOUT US  -

Colossal Sauce was initially founded in 2020. Years prior our chief saucemonkey Jamie was frustrated with the lack of flavour in many hot sauces - the focus often seemed to be on heat rather than taste, leading to many being either too vinegary on short on flavour altogether. So he started making his own using a small amount of superhot chillis to bring the heat and leave plenty of room for the other ingredients to sing. Then after sharing his sauces with friends and family, as well as giving many bottles away in charity raffles, he started to get told, "you should sell these!" Most hobby chefs hear this now and again, so he was sceptical, but after hearing it one too many times he thought he may as well try and perfect a few of his favourite recipes and started sending out different versions for taste tests. One night, at about 2am while eating a mixed cheese toastie packed with homemade lychee and tequila sauce and in a  slightly tipsy, spicy flavour reverie, he decided to go for it. Then, just as he was about ready to dive in and start the business, word spread about a pandemic breaking out in China..

Fast forward to 2023 and we've decided to revive the idea. The plan is to run Colossal Sauce like a craft brewery, with a few core sauces and plenty of short runs of wild and weird recipes with guest artwork and collaborations. In November 2023 the 3 core sauces - Mango Chamoy, Smokey Garlic Sauce and Curry Ketchup - were made available to buy. And now you can buy them. And you should. What are you even doing on the About page?! Go forth and purchase!

Our logo and artwork was designed by B D Charlesworth. He's available for commission here.





Mr Socks

Ruling Colossal Sauce with an iron paw is Mr Socks, CEO. Despite having no experience in business whatsoever, and only having several years of 'loafing' on his CV, this Machiavellian moggy reportedly climbed the Colossal Sauce ladder by simply yelling until he was made top dog...I mean cat. He's never so much as tried the sauce and isn't even allowed into the kitchen when it's being cooked, due to both hygiene concerns and worries how his tiny lungs would react to the spicy vapour from cooking Bhut Jolokia. And yet he still insists on telling our saucemonkey Jamie what to do. Jamie doesn't know what is being demanded of him, as he doesn't speak cat, but he knows by the volume of the meows that the instructions must be very, very important and does his best to keep the CEO happy.

Director -

Max got her role as director as compensation after eating her thousandth meal prepared by Jamie that he said, "might be a little bit spicy" only to discover the heat levels were at levels that are unfit for human consumption. The pork tacos he made with experimental Dragon's Breath chilli, the unofficial second hottest chilli in the world after the recently crowned Pepper X, was particularly memorable for how painful it was. Her duties seem to mainly consist of planning the Colossal Sauce Christmas party and tutting at boxes as they arrive at Colossal Sauce HQ (which happens to also be her home). She claims there are other vitally important aspects to her job but when asked what they are she refuses to elaborate.


Saucemonkey - Jamie

Jamie makes the sauces, comes up with the recipes, does the accounts, updates the website and social media, bottles and packages the sauces, mails the sauces... some would argue does everything there is to do at Colossal Sauces. He thinks this ought to qualify him for a more glamourous job title. Both CEO Mr Socks and Director Max do not agree - when asked to comment they said he should, "shut up" and, "get back to work."

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