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20th Century 'Moy - 220ml
  • 20th Century 'Moy - 220ml


    ALLERGEN WARNING: The Garlic Powder used may contain sulphates.


    Chamoy is a Mexican sauce made by pickling fruit in brine. This dries out the fruit by osmosis - it's then eaten. We blend our pickled mango in with the sauce and add a few bits and bobs to make our own version. Is it authentic? Our saucemonkey Jamie may be a big fan of burritos and lucha libre but hasn't been anywhere near Mexico, so probably not. But it is delicious on those burritos, as well as when used as a salad dressing or drizzled over bacon and eggs. It's salty, fruity, tangy and hits like a Topé de Cristo from El Santo himself.


    This sauce seperates and needs a good shake before use.

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