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The Dark Side of the Bulb - 220ml
  • The Dark Side of the Bulb - 220ml




    Dark Side of the Bulb was one of the first recipes saucemonkey Jamie came up with - though it has evolved considerably following feedback from many taste tests (and the occasional random whim). It was designed to be something of a workhorse sauce - or Work Sauce, if you will - that can be added to the sauces in meals to give them a smokey depth, big garlic flavours and a mighty hit of heat. As such it's pretty feisty on its own and only the bravest will be dipping their chips into it raw. For most folks it's better when tempered with mayonnaise to make garlic mayo or as the base for a tomato heavy pasta sauce or curry sauce. It also goes well in a pan of baked beans for those who like a bit of heat in their full English (or just on toast).

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