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We are live!

I had planned to do a big post for the first big cook day full of photos and videos but it turns out the effort of scaling up production of these sauces is considerable. I barely took any photos at all in the end. Who knew peeling 50+ bulbs of garlic would be such a pain? CEO Mr Socks was not happy with the level of disruption caused by this mass saucening (though he quite likes having a selection of carboard boxes to sit in) either. But it was all worth it - as of 2pm on Monday 27th November we're almost sold out of both Dark Side of the Bulb and 20th Century 'Moy already. The first batch is in profit already. Thank you to everyone who bought a bottle (or a few) already - I had no idea how this would go and to see so many people supporting this endeavour from the off is really heartwarming. I hope the sauces live up to expectations!

This is the standard of video I ended up taking on cook day. Not as good as I was planning..

If you don't already follow us on Instagram, Bluesky or Facebook I'd recommend you do as we'll be adding regular stock updates to all of them. Or you could just keep checking the site where we'll soon be adding recipes and serving suggestions to the blog. If you have any of those you want to share hit our DMs on them socials or email

Stay saucey.

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